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If loving 1954 Fuji Sushi Catering is Wrong, I don’t want to be right
Kenneth Hopkins

All sushi are not created equal… needless to say 1954 Fuji Sushi has the best.
Pete Solomon

Finally a Sushi Catering that excel than your wildest dreams.
Julia Hernandaz

Life time sushi addition starts here
Mott Richardson

MMM… still has that fresh sushi smell
Elizabeth Engelman

Heaven’s Version of Healthy Food
Joe Schneider

We have seen the future… and its Sushi, particularly with 1954 Fuji Sushi.
Malik Carpenter

Think again if your image of Sushi is a simple piece of raw fish on top of rice
Sarah Cropsey

Is this the age of comfort food specialist or what ? For purists and thrill seekers alike.
Jenny Koval

A largely under loved food, but at 1954 Fuji Sushi catering, it is an altogether more
luxurious affair.
Michael Robinson

Staggering selection of fishes culled from all over the globe
Irene Chang

We like sushi, if you don’t find that satisfying, you can have sushi at Fuji sushi, and if you
don’t find that satisfying, you can have sushi at 1954 Fuji sushi Catering.
Jennifer Lewis

Eating three sensible, balanced, meals a day will only get you enough nutrition from one
good meal of sushi.
Steven Van Doren

See no shit ; hear no shit ; eat no shit sushi. Rest assure with 1954 Fuji Sushi Catering.
Paula Anderson

When our wedding day finally arrived, our guests were thrilled with the high quality of the food they received from 1954 Fuji Sushi Catering. Guests told me they visited the sushi station for 5th and 6th helpings. All in all, I am absolutely thrilled with Fuji. You were professional, helpful, and most importantly, delicious.
Sandro White

The reception was FANTASTIC !!! I heard nothing but wonderful things from all staff and our members. Thank you for putting on such a great event ! Folks here are still talking about the fabulous food, and I thought the service was flawless. Well done !
Emma Watson

Our guest are still raving about my sister’s birthday dinner and dessert. We were sold on 1954 Fuji Sushi Catering after a highly recommended referral from my best friend. Our event coordinator help us create the look we want, and construct a menu that made sense for the birthday event. We are foodies, so food was a top priority for the Birthday Party and Fuji truly delivered. We highly recommend them.
Babara Sinclair

Every thing was perfect. Your staff was attentive to each of the guests as well as our VIPS. The food was enjoyed by all… Please thank your entire team for us.
Jeff Jameson

We have had nothing but rave reviews from our guests. Thank you so much for helping to make it all come together. Overheard more than once, was ” this is the best food I had at a dinner.” Many folks remarked they hope we pick another inspired theme
next year. The bar is now set very high. Thank you again for making it all appear beautiful, taste delicious and seem effortless.
Jessica Perrin

Each event they do meets and exceeds our clients’ expectations. With a creative team of event planners and chefs, each event is different. While the food is fabulous, their staff is just as remarkable.
Johnny Suzuki

The reception Saturday was a Huge success ! The food was delicious !!! And the staff, they were so VERY nice and accomodating. Execeptional Service. Not to mention, they clean up very quickly. I was VERY impressed and will definitely use your company for our next event.
Roger Nguyen