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Psc Collective Agreement

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOA) is the legal document containing all the provisions of the proposed new treaty. Here`s the MOA signed. Appendix I, the 2018 health insurance correspondence agreements with NYC are attached to the PDF version of MOA 2017-23. The CUNY Foundation Board voted last night at a meeting of Baruch College, the collective agreement between the CSP and the University. The approval process is now complete. The union`s bargaining team and the contract enforcement department will oversee the implementation of the contract. CSP leaders have already begun pushing the CUNY administration and city and state officials to pay retroactive pay increases and pay members as quickly as possible to their new salaries. CUNY management has not yet announced any dates. (Read the FAQ at the time of the increases.) 3 Among voters in this category, 90% are teachers, 7% are non-pedagogical supplements and 3% are continuing education teachers.

The office hours paid for Adjunct`s faculty would begin almost immediately. From the next semester, any addition (and full-time worker in case of overload) that teaches a course of three hours or more contact will be responsible for the full hourly rate for official office hours and will be paid if the contract is ratified. Determining paid office hours means that adjunks are paid for many more hours than they work; Recognizes the professionalism of the auxiliary faculty; and it guarantees and expands students` access to their teachers outside of teaching. This is the third in a series of short messages that provide accurate information on an aspect of the proposed contract. The introduction of uniform wage rates for each secondary security is a significant change and it is not surprising that there has been some confusion as to how this would work. This message aims to clarify the new structure. 1. The largest increase for the faculty of Adjunct will begin almost immediately when the treaty is ratified; Supplements don`t have to wait until last year. Starting the next semester, each addition will see a significant increase by gradually providing tools for more hours than they actually work. Supplements are paid for office hours at their full hourly rate. As a result, the minimum wage for a rate of three loans, currently $3,222, will immediately increase to $4,469, an increase of 39%.

1 In addition to F/T faculties in colleges, professional, legal and medical schools, this category includes research and EOC titles, Hunter Campus School titles. 2 Among voters in this category, 66% are full-time. The issue of funding is still relevant to CUNY. What distinguishes this contract from previous contracts is that with a commitment of tens of millions of dollars a year, it comes in the financing of the state and the city, beyond annual salary increases and capital increases. Additional funding is provided for the financing of new office periods. The CSP has received the support of CUNY`s Board of Directors, Governor Cuomo and Mayor of Blasio for a major new investment in CUNY staff and students. This is the next round of brief submissions aimed at clarifying aspects of the proposed treaty. The vote on the treaty ends tomorrow night.

Paying more hours they work is a progressive provision and a centerpiece of the new contract. Here is a brief guide on how this will work if the treaty is ratified. This is the first in a series of short messages sent to ensure you have accurate information about the proposed contract. Unfortunately, false and misleading allegations have been made about the treaty.