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Fuji Sushi is the First Japanese Restaurant in NY City, one of the firsts in the United States. It is a hit in the Columbus Circle restaurant and club scene. It is impressive to first timers as well.

Designed with attention to details normally reserved for sculptures, Fuji is elegant without being stodgy. The Japanese Cuisine is so good it lives up to the legend inspiring gallant decor.

You should have quite a time at this piece of New York history–an old relic with a modern twist–we have been going strong since 1954. Our “Old Faithful” customers have stayed with us all these years. Not to mention the numerous accolades heaped upon by the NY Times throughout the decades as the Top Notch Japanese Restaurant, Fuji is the big prize of the Japanese Restaurant hunt ever since it opened its doors.

To remain as NYC’s house of hotness and to pay homage to long term customer loyalty, we decide to transform this space into one of Manhattan’s most stunning and exciting new restaurants. It will further warm up the West side with high society opulence that is still quite affordable and accessible. This just might be the chicest new lounge you’ll enter. You just might lose yourself in all this class.

You don’t have to travel half way around the world to immerse yourselves in far away cultures. You can partake in Fuji’s unique pleasures of creative sushi and a mix of traditional and modern Japanese entrees. This incredibly stylish restaurant, bar and joint set the tone of modern day Zen Ambiance

Thank you for your long term support (since 1954) and cooperation.


Catering manager, Elvis Newman
Tel: (646) 539 9269
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Tel: (646) 539 9269
Fax: (212) 586 5888
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238 W 56 Street, Near Columbus Circle
Between Broadway and 8th Avenue.
NYC NY 10019